02 May 2014

Facebook is "faking it" while looting musicians, models, authors, etc

Facebook has dropped a bomb on small business, sole proprietors, non-profits by essentially choking delivery of posts from pages to their fans to below 1%.

Most of us don't mind paying something to assure post delivery to people who have asked for them by liking a page. Problem is Facebook has a deranged toxic idea of what is affordable. The fees would bankrupt even moderately successful music bands, popular models, successful authors. It's idiotic. So many of the content creators on Facebook are either leaving FB or letting their pages wither as they move to other platforms where posts are reliably delivered to fans.

This is rather tragic as there was value to FB - but without reliable post delivery, there is no sense to giving them any money at all.

Anyway, I've been spending time helping any of my circle who needs technical assistance with new platforms, connecting them, etc.

This little video I made of my book characters covering a tune by Seether kind of expresses everyone's attitude toward Facebook quite nicely ;)