Short Stories

These are short stories that contain historical moments of the stars of Rocket Science. Future short stories may also contain moments that don't make it into the main story. They will be available both in Polish and English.

Even Longer

Tsika is a Russian-born orphan with rage and abandonment issues, left to drift in a British-based boarding school system. Spiraling into delinquency and reformatory, one day she meets a tall very strange girl. Glycerin, an orphan herself, has major mental issues and is also a lonely outcast.
Currently in technical editing.
English edition: Even Longer
Polish edition: Nawet Dłużej  <= Click here to read. ;) 

Spiders and Snakes

Tsika and Glycerin, now very close friends, are in an institution more capable of handling students with psychiatric needs. Several years later, the two have an adventure of the inky kind. Tattoos await.
This story is available in Polish and English as an introduction to the world of Rocket Science.
English edition: Spiders and Snakes
Polish edition: Pająki i Węże   <= Click here to read. ;) 

Spider's Gift

Tsika meets a boy in boarding school, her first romance. Someone thinks the violent demon girl is worth courting and worth the risk.
Currently in technical editing.
English edition: Spider's Gift
Polish edition: Prezent pająka  <= Click here to read. ;) 

Duck! Rabbit! Duck! - A Love Story
A young orphaned Texas youngster named Kpau has been shuttled from foster family to family. A new adult couple comes into her life in this short story. Kpau is the drummer for Rocket Science.
This story is going to be available in Polish. Currently in technical editing.
English edition: Duck! Rabbit! Duck! - A Love Story
Polish edition: Kaczka! Królik! Kaczka! - Love Story

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