28 January 2017

Hello and cześć.

I am designing this blog to make it more friendly for Polish edition readers. For the short term, I'm remapping the pages and providing a top-level tab to the Polish section.

We are discussing the long-term strategy and appearance - I may be getting professional help for that.

We completed the photo shoot for Glycerin "peak career" in December. Elisanth and A. Zatsepin are on vacation while I choose the images for post-processing. The teaser photo shows it is a daunting task.

The next Tsika shoot is complicated. We're catching up from 2016 so this will be a three outfit shoot. The cartoon concepts for the outfits give some idea.

As these concept design sheets show, we're getting some interesting results.

In the next couple of weeks, I hope to have a Polish copy in my hands to review. And Book 4 still looms at 95%. I'm just not happy with some of the transition points.

13 January 2017

Two of the Polish translations of Short Stories "origin flashback" are available now. Here is the first one and easy to navigate to the second story via the Short Stories tab. The English versions are also available there.