31 July 2014

Book series giveaway on Facebook, enter before 4 Aug 2014

 It’s simple. Or one would THINK it was simple. Go to the post about the contest on Facebook.
1) click LIKE.
2) click SHARE and share it on your personal or public page.
That’s it. Yet only about 20% of the people who do step 1 manage to do step 2. The models I know say that’s typical and makes them crazy. The underlying point of such contests is to increase shares and therefore exposure of the artist, and hopefully more work and sales. But the 80/20 rule of humanity seems to apply here as well – even for free bananas.
Anyway, the first 3 novels of the dark comedy series “It Really IS Rocket Science” – for free, signed and shipped, for free. Even if you don’t read you can admire the gorgeous women on the cover. ;)


22 July 2014

Volume 3 from the IRIRS series now available at Amazon

I can officially say the third volume of the It Really is Rocket Science series can be ordered in paperback at Amazon now.

The ROCKET SCIENCE band is jetting their way to Japan for a month long tour in the land of the Rising Sun, finishing off with a bang at the big summer rock festival. But will they make it there in one piece? The enigmatic traumatized Glycerin is suffering from clinical suicidal depression, Hank and Sashiko are circling like honey badgers flipping between snarls and cuddles. Tsika is trying to balance Blar, Glycerin, her desire for fame, and her dreams of family without going criminally insane herself. Aina just wants everyone to stay alive, happy, and making money. Comedy, crisis, and twisted romance continue as the band rumbles through the land of geisha, anime, sushi, and Yakuza. Alien food, ancient temples, and the challenge of finding a public bath that allows tattoos await as the musical misfits battle their own monsters rather than the most iconic Japanese monster of all. The third volume of the Rocket Science saga.
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08 July 2014

Deep in the throes of Volume 3 final revisions for the book series "It Really IS Rocket Science".

After a fairly complex photo shoot and post-processing project with Elisanth and Zatsepin Alex, we now have 3 new book covers for the existing two books and the upcoming third book of the series.
 Original photography for volume 2 courtesy of Mamiko from the original cover. I plan a new cover shoot for Mamiko in a month or two for Volume 4 (and a reshoot of volume 2).
The new editions are now available at Amazon and B&N in paperback.Volume 3 is due out by the end of July 2014. Visit my author blog for regular updates. The obligatory and annoying FB pages -
BHBranham at Facebook
The IRIRS band of fictional characters post at Facebook on It Really IS Rocket Science FB Page.