29 June 2015

New Cover for Volume Two of the IRIRS series, "Surfing With The Alien"

The new cover for the second volume (IRIRS, "Surfing With The Alien") is ready. It will make its way into Kindle editions and onto paperbacks in late July. We're pretty proud of it. The old cover was pretty but dead and static compared to the two Glycerin covers. Mamiko has made the character Tsika look more sophisticated and a bit gritty to reflect the Perfect Princess is a bit gritty and naughty and the quality of the image is much better, which allowed the cover designer to do more exotic things with the image.

We're shooting all the upcoming covers this summer. There will be another cover with Mamiko, reflecting Tsika's brutal metal evolution, a cover with Elisanth - showing Glycerin evolving to her own style. For a long time, Tsika chose Glycerin's outfits for her. These are looking splendid. Holding off previews until I've paid for them. ;)

And we may have a Kpau cover, shoot for that is planned in a few weeks.