Characters & Cover Models

The misfit cast of ‘It Really IS Rocket Science’ and the models who portray them.

“Tsika” TsarinaTsarinkov
tsika - poster
Gothic pixie whose amplifier is taller than she is. Aged 23 at start of story. Long wavy black twintail hair, black eyebrows. Dresses in gothic lolita fashion with a leather edge. Russian heritage with the accent, sarcastic wit, mercurial.
4’10″ in bare feet, 95lbs – gothic doll features, porcelin skin, amber (yellow-red) eyes, petite but not a stick figure. Usually wears a corset and frilly skirt. Either very modest blouses with frilly trim Victorian style, sometimes a peasant bare shouldered translucent blouse. Goth lacy frilly fingerless gloves. Spider earrings, Blood red lipstick and dark eyeliner. Her entire wardrobe is mostly black with red trim and bows. Once in a while she will wear all white with red trim for contrast. Fond of thigh-high stockings, either fishnet or candycane.
Tattoos: black widow spider over heart above left breast. Tribal style wings on shoulder blades
Plays bass guitar, red color schemes. Is gifted in volume One with a guitar with a batwing-shaped body.

“Glycerin” Glycca Ping Wendham
glyc-av05Glycerin Phase Two
Tall, lanky girl with big lavender eyes and demure expression. Originally from Hong Kong – 1/2 Chinese 1/2 white. British accent. Also 23 at story start. Very shy … except when she’s playing her guitar. Dresses in styles ranging from Brit Mod to Cabaret trance. Makeup is a soft purple “sad clown” motif with painted tears.
6’0″ barefeet, 175lbs – slender, nice body lines with hips and breasts.
Tattoos: Arms are sleeved in tattooes: jungle vines, flowers, snakes. A large python tattoo, the tail starts at her navel and loops up between her breasts to curl over as if biting her heart
In volume One, her hairstyle is “cleopatra”. Straight Asian bangs across face with shoulder-length jet black hair. Edges are fringed in purple. She plays a Jackson triangular body guitar and later an X-shaped Xiphos.

Kpau Angela Williams
kpau - rocks
First impression – wild and crazy SouCal ‘surfer club girl’ with asian tinge.
5’2″ barefeet, 120lbs – Aged 23 at story start. Dark tan, hair is white-blonde with rainbow tints. Her eyes and skin tint give away her 1/4 Cambodian mix in her heritage.Muscular, toned fitness type. Wears a wide variety of clothing but fond of bikini tops for drumming. Color schemes trend to white, pink, glittery. She’s a drummer, often carries sticks.
Tattoos: A pair of cherries on her left thigh right between the edge of her skirt and thigh-high stockings.

Blar Umlaut (legal name, birth name not revealed until later)
blar - wt tsika sing
Old style hard rocker, aged 33 at start. Originally in a world famous hard rock band. Irish-American, surprisingly mellow despite his looks. Shoulder-length shaggy black hair with grey highlights, chopper style “Lemmy Kilmeister” mustache, thick eyebrows, craggy face. Very muscular, broad shoulders, large hands. Dresses boots/jeans – shirt varies, often wears a bomber jacket, sometimes a top hat (Slash style).

Sashiko Moira Ross
Not in the group, in the group, who knows? Aged 23 at story start. Though Umlaut takes her place after she quits, the flaming redhead, tough girl drunk, has a sporadic relationship with the group. Quarter-Japanese 3/4 Scottish heritage complete with a brogue and the attitude. She’d rather start a fight than actually play. Has a voice that sounds like grinding demonically possessed cement mixer.
Red spiky short punk hair, green eyes, freckles, about a dozen ear piercings, and one nose button piercing. Simply paints across her eyes in black strips with dark lipstick.

Hank Ray Wharton




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