25 October 2015

Sorry, been a very strange last couple of months but I has pictures!

First, a timeline of Glycerin as the lead guitarist of the band evolves over four volumes.

Next, a couple of Tsika posters for the recent shoot preparing for the release of volume 4.

Say hello to Kpau, energetic drummer and goofball goblin for the band. Modeled by Chimera, mua/costume by Elisanth, photography by Zatsepin.

And a few candid moments from my visit to Prague where I got to roam the town with Mamiko and Lady Sariel - who model Tsika and the newest band member Nadia Kawa respectively. That is the rest of my extended family in the elevator. My elder son has a challenge to Mamiko in Counterstrike when she gets her home Twitch studio running. Prague was a *great* vacation destination.

Got back to the US where within a few days my wife and I were t-boned by a high speed vehicle that totaled our car and left us banged up. Life is random. Need a new car, we didn't have to "go on the cart" like in Monty Python.

Facebook has become a strangled disaster for reaching people. More energy here.