23 July 2015

7th Annual NW Book Festival this Saturday

From 11am - 5pm at the Pioneer Plaza Square in the middle of Portland, huge bricked city block with art next to light commuter rail MAX, can't miss it.

This also happens to the opening scene location in the book series "It Really IS Rocket Science" where Blar first sees Tsika in a coffee shop.

I will have all the current titles from the series available to buy and sign. I also plan to have 8x10 photo prints of the models who portray two of the main characters, Tsika (the petite Russian bass guitarist) and Glycerin (the lanky British lead guitarist).

There will be over a 100 authors, publishers, and artists, also speakers. Check the website for details. Here's a couple of example prints. There will also be prints with character quotes:

Hope to see you there.