04 November 2017

Character sheet for cast

Lots going on ... just haven't been updating like I should.

Here's a character sheet of the cast for reference. Facebook crushes it so here it is at a readable level.

16 August 2017

For Polish readers
Szatanki ekskluzywny podgląd. Obraz promocyjny dla It Really Is Rocket Science - Book Series (Wersja polska)
autor - B H Branham
edytor tłumaczenia - Weronika Heck
(fotograf/tłumaczenie napisów - Keroina 

09 March 2017

First real look at Mamiko's newest photo session to create Tsika Tsarinkov

Polish actress/youtuber/model +Mamiko has portrayed Tsika for me for over 3 years now in various shoots from Tsika's early career as Gothic Lolita guitarist through her various "rock metal" fashions. This shoot represents Tsika in her late 20s and her 30s. She's been working out, more comfortable in her skin and less nervous about showing more skin on stage. This session had THREE outfits and various props so expect quite a lot to look at. Tsika also sports a new tattoo on her arm.
The image is intended as a promotional poster. Click for more resolution, of course.

Photography by +Sylwia Keroina 

Kpau's Handbook of Managing Kpau - Rule 69

Note: All of Kpau's rules are titled Rule 69. Except for Rule 42. 
So. About Kpau. Drummer girl. High energy prankster. Risky business the best. She and Tsika get along wonderfully, except that Tsika wants to strangle the blonde Texan and Kpau considers it her sacred duty to puncture the Perfect Princess bubble. That brings us to Rule 69 with Kpau. One of the people you'll meet in It Really Is Rocket Science - Book Series, by BHBranham

Click for better visibility:

17 February 2017

Cartoon video - Glycerin character sketch.

Cartoon video for Friday.
The adorable bizarre Glycerin.
A character sketch via music video.
Music by S&tB. Software by Harmonix. All rights reserved to those entities.
Avatars based on characters from the book series It Really IS Rocket Science.
Book characters Glycerin, Kpau, Tsika, and Blar copyright 2012-2017 BHBranham

06 February 2017


People are always surprised when I say Kpau is my inner narrator for the series. They figure it's Blar. Kpau is a walking mountain of wikipedia, obscure cultural references, history, tech, comedy...
Say anything and her brain is finding about 20 degrees of Kevin Bacon to fry up alongside it.
Anyway, big image. Hopefully not crushed like Facebook destroys images. Click for better view.
For new readers, Tsika is the petite Gothic doll who plays bass guitar and is the band's leader. She likes to style herself as a perfect princess, so Kpau delights in twisting that picture with reality.

Kpau is portrayed by tattoo artist Mørke Skoger.
Costume/MUA: Elisanth
Photography: Zatsepin Alex 

28 January 2017

Hello and cześć.

I am designing this blog to make it more friendly for Polish edition readers. For the short term, I'm remapping the pages and providing a top-level tab to the Polish section.

We are discussing the long-term strategy and appearance - I may be getting professional help for that.

We completed the photo shoot for Glycerin "peak career" in December. Elisanth and A. Zatsepin are on vacation while I choose the images for post-processing. The teaser photo shows it is a daunting task.

The next Tsika shoot is complicated. We're catching up from 2016 so this will be a three outfit shoot. The cartoon concepts for the outfits give some idea.

As these concept design sheets show, we're getting some interesting results.

In the next couple of weeks, I hope to have a Polish copy in my hands to review. And Book 4 still looms at 95%. I'm just not happy with some of the transition points.

13 January 2017

Two of the Polish translations of Short Stories "origin flashback" are available now. Here is the first one and easy to navigate to the second story via the Short Stories tab. The English versions are also available there.