21 February 2016

Yes, here's a Tsika image since I've been ignoring my blog.

I need to bring it all up to date and reload my short stories in prep for 2016 conventions and festivals.

Recent pic of Tsika ( model: Mamiko ) in action.  This may be the cover image for the fourth book of the series.

06 February 2016

Pitch writing, crushing epics into 30 second pitch.

Like the title says ... most writers loathe this but it is necessary. Here's my latest pitch.

A book series of dark comedy, tangled friendships, and twisted romance. A struggling band called "The Lost Girls" - a four women rock musicians. They have just fired one member and are out of money after moving from Los Angeles to Portland. Tsika encounters someone who might be able to help. The new musician, Blar, once led a band and has valuable connections and cash.
Disaster avoided.
Problem: Blar is a man. "The Lost Girls" need a new name.
Problem: Tsika is smitten with Blar. Not good for business.
Problem: Her best friend and bandmate Glycerin has dreamed of meeting Blar since the two women were young teenagers.
Problem: Glycerin is a very damaged soul. Tsika sees that Blar is a healing presence for her most important friend.
So, it gets complicated. It is in fact, Rocket Science.
Available at Amazon (worldwide), Powells Books, and other retailers. Paperback and Kindle formats.

"Reading is Bloody Good Fun!"