17 February 2017

Cartoon video - Glycerin character sketch.

Cartoon video for Friday.
The adorable bizarre Glycerin.
A character sketch via music video.
Music by S&tB. Software by Harmonix. All rights reserved to those entities.
Avatars based on characters from the book series It Really IS Rocket Science.
Book characters Glycerin, Kpau, Tsika, and Blar copyright 2012-2017 BHBranham

06 February 2017


People are always surprised when I say Kpau is my inner narrator for the series. They figure it's Blar. Kpau is a walking mountain of wikipedia, obscure cultural references, history, tech, comedy...
Say anything and her brain is finding about 20 degrees of Kevin Bacon to fry up alongside it.
Anyway, big image. Hopefully not crushed like Facebook destroys images. Click for better view.
For new readers, Tsika is the petite Gothic doll who plays bass guitar and is the band's leader. She likes to style herself as a perfect princess, so Kpau delights in twisting that picture with reality.

Kpau is portrayed by tattoo artist Mørke Skoger.
Costume/MUA: Elisanth
Photography: Zatsepin Alex