28 August 2015

Visual character evolution: Glycerin

From left to right, the image shows Glycerin as she starts out in a sort of sad clown neo-mod scheme, grows into a dark brutal look, then reboots in bright retro themes. I sometimes say the series is actually about Tsika and Glycerin with the others (including Blar) as catalysts. If I picked a single protagonist, it might be Glycerin and her labyrinth journey between light and darkness. The six foot tall lanky creature that Kpau calls "her favorite space alien" is complicated in ways even her closest friend Tsika does not realize as the series begins.
Pick up the series in paperback via any book retailer (they may have to order it), or in Kindle format at Amazon. Working on getting the Nook readers updated with the latest versions. You can catch on daily babblings by me (story excerpts, print and poster works, etc) on Facebook.

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